New Stories

Hi, all. Crazy, exciting times we’re in now. New times ahead. Some of it will be same-old, same-old, and some will be new. I’ll be glad when I can wake up in the morning and not wonder what new hell is going on. Regardless, we’re closing in on the train wreck that is 2020 with […]

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Back Again

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. A lot has happened in the almost two years since then. Some of it not so good. But some…well, promising. The good news is that I published my first novel. The Naxos Academy of Psychic Studies for Colored Girls is now available on iTunes Store. You can also […]

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Blog Hop: When to Now

Today the anthology When to Now: A Time Travel Anthology, which features my short story “Ruby’s Paradox” has been published. It’s available here at Amazon. In celebration, we’ll be doing a blog hop with contributors offering a word or two about the publication. I have to admit I’m a bit surprised this is all happening. […]

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He Knows You Know

The phone vibrated. It was 3:00 am. I leaned over to see who was calling at that godforsaken hour. The caller ID said Sarah. I didn’t know any Sarah. Frowning, I answered. “Hello.” “Who is this?” a voice on the other end said. “Excuse me?” “Please answer.” I was awake now. I sat up in […]

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What was it about the spirit world that aroused such sensory overload? An attack of phantom memories?

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Janessa and the Crow

Janessa Walker was eleven years old. She had tight, curly hair her mom refused to  press or perm, wore thick, black-framed glasses, loved to read books about unicorns, had a collection of seashells she lined on her dresser bureau, and loved weird trivia.

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Nobody expected Aunt Joyce to change into butterflies, but who could blame her, given everything she’d been through? After twenty-six years of marriage, she finally divorced the man Mama said turned her life into one long joke. Uncle Ray-Ray had wronged her so many times her heart and spirit crumbled. She watched him sleep with practically every woman in town and for a long time did nothing about it.

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Paper Flowers

Paper flowers were Daddy’s only real hobby. He used to sit down at the dining table and, under the glow of the wooden chandelier, twist the paper this way and that around a pipe cleaner to create the roses and carnations, the only two flowers I think he knew, that adorned the house.

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