List of Online Writer’s Workshops

Writing is such a lonely activity, so it’s always nice to be able to sit with, talk to, and belong to a community of writers. But fiction workshops are more than simply social gathering groups. They allow writers to talk with fellow travelers about the craft of writing. Any writer who wants to improve her writing will at some point belong to a creative writing workshop. One of the key reasons why workshops are so important is that it allows them to expose their work to other writers and offers them the benefit of having that work judged critically through fresh eyes and ears. They also help develop critical thinking skills which allow writers to single out an emotional response to a written work based on how the story is crafted. This tells them what will work or what won’t work in not only the stories written by others, but by their own as well.

Not all workshops need be local or be held in person. The Internet is proving itself to be a valuable tool for writers in developing their craft. I’ve listed various workshop forums on-line. Some forums require membership fees, while others are really email listings. But each forum provides writers with the opportunity to discuss craft in a supportive network.

List of Workshop Forums

Bakcspace: – this site requires a $40/per year membership fee.

Critters Workshop: – Sci-fi/Fantasy Writers

The Internet Writing Workshop: – e-mail listing, with a focus on romance writing, poetry, etc.

The Writer’s Digest Forum:

Critique Circle:

My Writers Circle:

Mike’s Writing Workshop – email list


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