Pink, Plastic Dollhouses

For my eleventh birthday, my parents gave me a big, pink, plastic dollhouse. I was too old for dollhouses. Like other kids my age, I wanted cell phones, Instagram accounts, lip gloss, tickets to see my favorite boy band in concert, everything a girl like me could dream for.

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Strange Stars Review

Just had a review published at the SF website Strange Horizons. It’s on Jason Heller’s Strange Stars, about the influence SF had on pop music in the 1970s. If you love science fiction, David Bowie, Parliament Funkadelic, Rush, Devo, and other 1970s music, you’ll like this book.

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New Interview

The anthology my short story “Ruby’s Paradox” will appear in will be released October 1. But in the meantime, check an interview I did with the publishers. When to Now: A Time Travel Anthology

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It was before the rain came. The air was damp with mildew, the pines and cedars pining for the first drops. Blanched needles and wet leaves blanketed the road. Puddles here and there shivered and reflected the gun-metal sky. The earth was warm, moist. I could hear the worms turning deep in the dirt, anticipating the next rain.

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The Wind

Here is the window. It is open. A wind blows hard. The white curtains dance. The bare wood floor is speckled with drops of rain, but the curtains remain dry.  When the wind inhales, drawing in another gust, the curtains retreat and fall flat, except for a few flutters at its hem. Then, like a […]

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The air was salty and the wind was brisk and sharp. It blew through Trina’s hair. Specks of spindrift, salt and seaweed clung to Ramon’s hair. For a moment, Trina believed he had emerged from the sea…

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