Here’s a little experiment: Hold your hand up to a source of light––any light––and cast a shadow of your hand against a wall or any solid, flat surface. You’ve probably done this a dozen times as a kid, but consider the way in which light and shadow and solid mass interact with one another to […]

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Variety: New Ending for David Fincher’s Adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl

As chance would have it, I’m reading Gone Girl right now. So apparently the ending (no spoilers please) in David Fincher’s upcoming adaptation starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike has been changed. According to writer Gillian Flynn, Fincher asked her to change the ending for the movie’s screenplay. “There was something thrilling about taking this […]

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The History of Christmas Movies

Christmas has always been profitable time for Hollywood. Studios roll out their holiday-themed movies along with their Oscar-worthy contentions. Hollywood has been producing Christmas-related films since it began, producing many classic films, from traditional, family-oriented fare to twisted retellings of classic themes. Regardless, Hollywood’s history of the Christmas film has been a tradition that many […]

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Movies About Food

Cooking is an aesthetic and visual pleasure. That’s why cooking shows are so popular. Even for those who don’t like to cook or can’t boil water to save her life, watching cooking shows can be a joy because the process about creation is far easier to depict visually and to understand than any other art […]

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