Blog Hop: When to Now

Today the anthology When to Now: A Time Travel Anthology, which features my short story “Ruby’s Paradox” has been published. It’s available here at Amazon. In celebration, we’ll be doing a blog hop with contributors offering a word or two about the publication. I have to admit I’m a bit surprised this is all happening. […]

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Strange Stars Review

Just had a review published at the SF website Strange Horizons. It’s on Jason Heller’s Strange Stars, about the influence SF had on pop music in the 1970s. If you love science fiction, David Bowie, Parliament Funkadelic, Rush, Devo, and other 1970s music, you’ll like this book.

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New Interview

The anthology my short story “Ruby’s Paradox” will appear in will be released October 1. But in the meantime, check an interview I did with the publishers. When to Now: A Time Travel Anthology

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Heart of a Dove

The dove flies toward me and enters my heart where it rattles and flits about. Its feathers tickle the chambers of the atrium, its claws rip at the coronary arteries, its beak pecks at the tight muscles. It hurts me even as it loves. I can feel its heart throbbing in mine, its tiny body trembling with fright.

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The Haunted Child (Part 1)

Aunt Malinda was fond of saying that mom was a woman well blessed in most areas and who can disagree? She had beauty, talent, intelligence, and me. That was what puzzled me the most. What made her give up a blossoming musical career and leave me behind? What was she running away from?

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